6 Garden Lighting Ideas

Whether it’s for the purpose of entertaining guests at night time, evening aesthetics, safety, security, or simply to see where you are walking, adding light outdoors brings your garden and your home to life. We have compiled just the inspiration you need to light up your life, and even better- to light up the night!

The type of garden lighting that you choose will depend on the size, style, and features of your garden and outdoor areas, as well as your chosen aesthetic. Whatever your garden looks like, and whatever your preferences, your outdoor area can always be improved by adding a little light. Read on for our top garden lighting ideas.


Party lights mean its’ party time!

First on the list of garden lighting ideas is party lights – not just for parties! The trend of suspending a string of party lights has been around for many years, and there is a reason: it looks amazing!

There are various different styles to choose from, and recently we have seen a shift to using clear bulbs rather than a spectrum of retro colours. However, you can choose whatever colours and styles take your fancy.

These festive beauties look best wrapped around or draped over trees, zigzagged overhead under verandas or patios, or placed in the middle of a long table as a focal point during a special occasion celebration.


Sensors are SENsational

There is nothing more annoying, scary, or in fact more dangerous than arriving home to a completely pitch black home in the dead of night. At Jarvis Electrical we recommend to our customers that they can easily avoid all of this by installing exterior lights on motion sensors.

Place them on your driveway, front entrance, garage, or literally anywhere you see fit to install them. Motion sensors and lights on automatic timers are perfect to assist in scaring away unwelcome visitors too and add an extra layer of security to your home.

We can help to install the motion sensors, and your home will feel perfectly lit in no time!


Front Door Magic

A light by the front door makes getting the key in the lock easy and breezy! Standing in front of your door for five minutes whilst you hunt for your keys is not only annoying and a waste of time, but potentially dangerous at night time, and front door lights do wonders to help prevent this.

Front door lights are also one of our garden lighting ideas that not only improve safety but can also add style points. For contemporary homes, shop for a clean-lined model to suit your home. For a more traditional look, got for an exterior quality light fitting that suits the classic elements of our home. There are plenty to choose from, and you’re sure to find one that suits you.


Pathway Power

Make the journey to your garden or up your driveway to the front door a memorable and well-lit one with lanterns dotted every half meter along the way. Again, this is one of the garden lighting ideas that are as helpful for safety as it is for aesthetics. When done properly, pathway lighting can be enchanting.

Install your pathway lighting at a lower height for magical appeal, or consider edge-lighting along borders. Shop for solar-powered models in traditional shapes that can be hooked over metal stakes, just to give it that extra cute factor whilst avoiding dangerous wires. Ground lights embedded underfoot are another excellent option for those who dislike clutter.


Romantic Twinkle

Suspend glass jars with wire handles from tree branches in your backyard. To make it even more romantic: fill each jar with a smidge of water and place a wax float candle on top. This is the recipe for a romantic evening under the stars and is sure to give your garden an enchanting, romantic glow.

Look for strong glass jars that are less likely to break if they fall in strong winds, and take care of using glass jars and candles in stormy weather.


Traditional Touches

For cottage gardens and authentic themes, look for classic-shaped lighting options. Aim for models that are solar powered and don’t require batteries or cords, and try placing them alongside pathways or pushing them between your plantings.

This will add evening ambience out in your yard whilst adding to the style and ambience of your traditional home.


Solar Garden Lights

Solar garden lights are a cost-effective option for garden lighting ideas and can help you to reduce your electricity bills. They look great, need much less attention and help you to save some money every year.

In addition, they allow you to light your garden without the negative environmental impact of traditional energy sources. Furthermore, solar garden lights are safe and convenient as they don’t need to be plugged into a power source and don’t have any dangerous trailing wires that can create a fall risk.

There are plenty of solar garden lights to choose from, so you are sure to find one that suits your needs and preferences.


Pool lighting

For those of us who have a pool, pool lightening is another important factor when considering garden lighting ideas. It is an important factor in pool safety, as well as creating ambience. Using recessed lighting or ground lights around the pool area can help with safety, whilst underwater lighting will help to create a wonderful atmosphere.

Coloured floating spheres in your pool or garden pond can also help to light up the area whilst creating a mesmerising aesthetic.


Step it up with step lighting

If you have stepped from your house down to your outdoor area, or between garden areas, then this is an element that shouldn’t be overlooked when considering garden lighting ideas.

Consider under tread lighting, or embedding lights into any brickwork to create a safer space at night time by providing soft illumination that will add to the ambience rather than overpowering it. You may also think about integrating your step lighting with motion sensors.


Firepit lighting

Many Queenslanders love a good fire pit. They keep us warm on cold evenings, provide a place to toast marshmallows, and can become a focal point of a garden. The best fire pits are surrounded by comfortable seating, creating a delightful entertaining space with a warm glow and relaxing atmosphere.

You might consider a traditional wood fire for your fire pit, or consider LED candle options.


Deck lighting

Outdoor deck areas are often used after the sun goes down for dinner, drinks, and entertaining. Therefore, they need to be illuminated properly in order to avoid falls and trips when navigating around after hours. Consider lighting up any steps to the deck, and any railings.

In-ground LED lights can also be used to light up the perimeter of the deck, and add to the atmosphere, whilst wall lights around the deck are another excellent design feature that also promotes safety.