5 Smart Commercial Lighting Tips to Reduce Bills

Commercial lighting tips

With our natural resources dwindling away, and the cost of the privilege climbing, can any of us afford not to be frugal, or imaginative in our alternatives?

During Christmas and New Year, we all feel a draughty pocket – especially for business owners with an extra late-hour trade. But let’s not give in to the darkness just yet; there’s a multitude of ways to dramatically lower your business bills.


1. Handing over the controls

Did you know, a whopping 35 percent of business overheads are caused by lighting in your office, retail or commercial space? It’s a staggering and somewhat unwelcome Australian statistic. However, there is light at the end of the tunnel! At Jarvis Electrical lighting services, we recommend all our customers to have sophisticated and modern techniques that are becoming consistently available, business owners can purchase quality lighting options without cutting costs. One of these options is an automated lighting control system. This business asset will help you turn of lights and power when it isn’t required & when you’ve forgotten to flick the off-switch!


2. Watch The Light

Use natural light whenever you can – it’s free! In retail space, try not to overdress your windows too much, allowing daylight to filter through your shop. Have windows regularly cleaned in office buildings, and for commercial dwellings, it might even be worth investigating a sky-light option. Talk to your electrician about positioning and planning around electrical wires. (Never attempt commercial lighting projects without professional advice). The sky is the limit!


3. Know Your Limits

Researching the difference between budget and cost effective LED lighting for your specific commercial needs will save your business thousands per year! Investing in longer lasting, energy conserving Light-emitting Diodes can only benefit your business and pockets; the light outpour is much higher, while the wattage is lower. Also, bear in mind, a good LED globe used over a traditional lamp will reduce your lighting bill by 50 percent! Again, always consult with your electrician on this; the Australian laws are changing in regards to energy-efficient options, as well as professional maintenance procedures. But in the long run, you won’t only be saving your business money, but the planet too!


4. Bring it down a notch

It may be surprising, but having your electrician lower the height of a light fitting will actually increase your light levels! It will also ensure fixtures are more accessible for regular maintenance. Also have your electrician reduce lighting wattage for lower power costs. In short, lower it down to bring it right up!


5. Get in motion

An absolutely fantastic option is to have an electrician install motion detectors. The most popular sensors are PIR (Passive Infrared Sensors) and though there are countless choices, the most ideal are ceiling mounted sensors. As the name suggests, these light-savers sense activity in the room, and promptly cease supply when there’s no need for it. Sensor lights are perfect for spaces such as hallways, corridors, kitchens and side offices. But mostly notably, they sense when bathrooms aren’t being used – which will save your business a huge 90 percent on bathroom energy-consumption alone! Another great facet to this invention is how your electrician can advise on a direct connection to them; with anything from controlling sensors with a phone app, to installing timers so you don’t get caught in the dark!