5 Pool Lighting Ideas

Pool lighting

Are you in the dark about choosing the best lighting for your swimming pool? The number of pool lighting options has dramatically increased over the years thanks to consumer demands for more “resort-style” features. But what should you choose to light up your pool?

To get you started, here’s an illuminating assortment of facts to consider before making any decisions.


Think about some solar lighting

Solar lights make a nice addition to almost any backyard and they shine extra brightly when they are incorporated into the pool area. You can use them to illuminate walkways, add decorative flourishes or even light up the surface of your pool. Solar lights can vary in performance, and may not be bright or reliable enough to eliminate the need for electrical lighting around your pool. You may need to consult with your electrician to see if they are all you need around your pool area.

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What about some Fiber Optic Lighting?

If the colourful possibilities of LED lights are of appeal to you, maybe also consider fiber optic lights to your shortlist of pool lighting options. Fiber Optic lights can change colours based on the occasion and can produce spellbinding light shows. While they are more expensive than LED, they are easier and cheaper to maintain in the long run.


Go for more diffusion

As a definitive rule, soft lighting coming form a great deal of sources is a great deal more attractive than harsh lighting coming from fewer sources. Even if you are going for standard incandescent lighting, consider installing at least two lights in the water for a cleaner, smoother look.


Are incandescent lights the best?

Your choice of lighting involves a trade-off between present and future costs. Good old incandescent lighting offers the cheapest installation price, but uses more electricity than other, more energy efficient options. It isn’t to say that the alternatives are not economical, it just means that you should consider what the lighting will cost you both now and into the future.


Add some colour into your life

The same pool lighting can produce radically different effects depending on the backdrop. Why not go a little crazy, get some colourful LED lights and send the neighbours wild with jealously at your disco pool? Everyone will want to come over for a pool party!